Best Heavy Duty Treadmills With 400 LB Weight Capacity In May 2021

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You might want to know which are the finest treadmills with 400 pound capacity if you’re looking for an exercise device that’s a bit more heavy duty than normal. The typical upper weight limit of a treadmill is generally 200-300lbs, and generally the higher the max capacity, the higher the rate (although not always).

Then your choices are fairly restricted if you’re looking for a maker that will accommodate up to 400lbs. Nevertheless, we’ve found a few that not just satisfy the weight requirements but are also high-quality machines that should last you a long period of time. If you’re looking to start building and losing some weight up your fitness a treadmill is a GREAT financial investment so you’ll absolutely want to check out some of the following running machines

treadmills with 400 lb weight capacity

1. NordicTrack T 6.5S

NordicTrack T 6.5S

The NordicTrack T 6.5 S is the overall winner on our list. It is just one of the most effective marketing NordicTrack treadmills, which in my opinion, isn’t surprising at all.

The 2.6 Continual Horse Power motor is strong enough for walking, jogging, and also running. So it’s an appropriate design for a lot of individuals, which is most likely the major reason this version is so popular.

A valuable function for walking is the flexible incline of approximately 10 percent. The incline allows you to raise the intensity of your exercise without boosting the rate. You can easily readjust the slope by continuing among the ‘slope buttons’ on the console.

Of course, you can also utilize the incline feature while running or running up to 10 Miles Per Hr.

In addition, an attribute like the FlexSelect ™ supporting system under the belt is added helpful throughout your jog or run, since it decreases the pressure on your joints.

In addition, you can use among the 20 integrated exercise programs. The programs include certain; intensity, incline, calorie, and speed burning programs. If the integrated programs aren’t sufficient of difficulty, after that you can choose to buy (!) iFit which consists of a great deal more programs and also choices. Nonetheless, you don’t need to buy iFit to use the treadmill.


The 2.6 CHP electric motor makes it a suitable version for many joggers, joggers, and pedestrians. The instantly adjustable incline approximately 10 percent is useful to vary your exercise. It has a maximum speed of 10 Miles Per Hour for higher-intensity exercises. The Easy Lift ™ Help makes it much easier to fold up the device.


In order to make use of iFit (for more than 30 days), you'll need a paid subscription.

2. Exerpeutic TF1000

Exerpeutic TF1000

With all due respect, the Exerpeutic TF1000 is a treadmill for large individuals and females. This treadmill supports an optimum weight of 400 extra pounds.
Among the primary reasons why this treadmill can manage a great deal of weight is due to the fact that this treadmill doesn’t go quicker than 4 miles per hour. Plus, it has a reinforced frame to fit a higher weight capacity.

The TF 1000 has a reasonably large 20-inch belt, similar to the NordicTrack T 6.5 S. A wide belt decreases the chance of a painful misstep and supplies additional room. The wide step belt in the mix with the relatively long 18″ manages makes this design additional suitable for customers who require added safety and security as well as security.

Moreover, the treadmill is transportable and also conveniently foldable. This is especially helpful if you don’t have a great deal of area or intend to place the machine before a tv.

In my individual opinion, the TF1000 is the clear victor for walking. So, the TF1000 is specifically a good choice if you weigh less than 400 extra pounds and intend to utilize your treadmill for strolling.


It supports a fairly high 400-pound optimum customer weight. The treadmill is already pre-assembled. It's very easy to move as well as fold. The reasonably lengthy 18" deals with provide extra security and also security.


It's possible to change the slope in 2 settings; this helps to shed added calories. Nevertheless, you'll have to readjust it manually prior to your workout or stop the machine.

3. Sunny Health & Fitness T7643

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643

The Sunny Wellness & Health and fitness T7634 is also a sturdy walking treadmill, however it has a slightly reduced 350 Pound weight restriction.

This design might be a far better choice than the Exerpeutic TF1000 for some customers. It’s particularly an interesting alternative if you additionally intend to use your treadmill for light running due to the fact that it has a higher maximum speed of 6 Miles Per Hour.

What makes the T7643 attract attention is the easy-to-use console with incorporated tablet computer owners. The switches on the console are extra-large, which makes it easier to reduce the speed or increase throughout your workout. The very same chooses the other buttons on the console. And also, there aren’t any kind of unnecessary switches. So it’s easy to use.

Furthermore, this treadmill has attributes like; transport wheels, a folding system, and also a shock absorption system which decreases the effect on your joints. In my opinion, these are features that make it a ‘complete’ treadmill.

The T7643 could be a much better choice than the Exerpeutic TF1000. They do have some similarities. Both treadmills are primarily created as sturdy walking treadmills, yet the T7643 provides a higher maximum speed (6 MPH) and also has a tablet owner.


You can additionally make use of the maker for light jogging approximately 6 Miles Per Hour. The T7643 has a simple console with huge switches. It has a reasonably huge integrated tablet holder, which can also fit a 13" laptop computer.


You can't transform the slope of the device.

4. ProForm 905 CST

ProForm 905 CST

The ProForm 905 CST is specifically matched for running. It has a fairly solid 3.0 Continuous Horse Power motor, which is strong sufficient for extreme exercises at a maximum speed of 12 Miles Per Hour.

Moreover, it has a relatively big 20″ by 60″ belt, which is long enough for most joggers.

According to ProForm, they also evaluate the belt one million cycles at two times the customer weight. So they made sure the belt can hold a lot of weight.

The 905 CST likewise has attributes that help you to differ your exercise. It has a 12% incline, 30 pre-set exercise programs, as well as a backlit iFit display screen. iFit isn’t required to make use of the treadmill, but it gives you, a lot more, includes to vary your exercise. Please note; iFit needs a paid subscription.

What makes this machine stand out is the general toughness. It has a steel frame as well as a solid building and construction, which maintains the maker secure, even if you’re a heavy individual. You have to remember that a strong building additionally suggests a hefty building and construction. You’ll require to be able to safely lift 45 pounds to reduce the treadmill or raise a belt.

I would advise this version to any person who’s searching for a sturdy treadmill that you can use daily for higher intensity exercises.


It has a relatively strong 3.0 CHP electric motor, which makes the 905 CST particularly matched for running. With 60 inches the belt is fairly lengthy. This offers you even more room to workout.


isn't free. Folding and also unfolding the belt may be hefty for some users.

5. Nautilus T618

Nautilus T618

The Nautilus T618 is especially suited for high-intensity workouts. It has a 15% incline, a maximum speed of 12 MPH as well as 26 exercise programs to vary your training.

As an overweight person, you may be questioning why you would certainly even think about a treadmill that’s generally designed for joggers.

Well, the reason for this is straightforward; if it appropriates for fanatic joggers, it’s certainly suitable for walkers or joggers. I imply, the 285 extra pounds overall product weight alone already shows it’s a robust machine. In addition, it has a 3.5 CHP motor, which suggests it can manage a lot of pressure and remains reasonably quiet.

In addition, the T618 has Bluetooth connection. This indicates you can attach a smart device or tablet computer with the training computer system. Consequently, you can use your smart gadget as a display for the Nautilus Fitness Instructor 2 Application or various other sustained physical fitness apps.

I recommend the T618 for obese persons who do not evaluate more than 350 lb and intend to see to it the treadmill can hold their weight without trouble.


It's a really robust device with a product weight of 285 pounds. The T618 has a Bluetooth link, which enables you to get in touch with the Nautilus Trainer 2 or various other fitness applications.


Due to its weight, it's reasonably tough to relocate. Assembly most likely takes a number of hrs and requires more than someone, particularly the setting up of the hefty parts.

6. ProGear HCXL 4000

ProGear HCXL 4000

The ProGear HCXL 4000 is rather similar to the Exerpeutic TF1000. They both have a maximum speed of 4 miles per hour, which makes both equipments particularly ideal for walking.

The HCXL 4000 also has an extra-wide belt of 20 inches, extra-long deals with for security functions and an optimum weight capacity of 400 Lbs. The frame is enhanced to support the fairly high weight capacity.

Regarding I recognize, there aren’t a lot of attributes which makes the HXCL 4000 stick out from the TF1000. Although the HXCL 4000 isn’t entirely the same as the Exerpeutic TF1000, it’s still rather similar.

For example, it’s also collapsible and also transportable by using the transportation wheels beneath the belt. If you desire to save the treadmill after your exercise, this is beneficial. And also, it also has a 2 degree manual incline which you can make use of to walk or jog at an incline. Walking or running at a small slope could be valuable to vary your normal workout routine and also burn additional calories.

One noticeable difference is the LCD of the 4000, which has the shape of a rectangle, while the TF1000 has a round display screen. It depends on you which type of screen you prefer the most.


The reinforced framework supports a maximum weight of 400 pounds. It has an extra-wide belt of 20 inches, which offers you more space to walk comfortably. The relatively lengthy 18" handlebars give added support and also safety and security. It comes practically pre-assembled. So it will not need a lot of technical abilities to begin exercising.


It has a manual slope instead of an automated. This indicates you'll have to pause your workout to alter the incline (or do it beforehand).

7. Sole Fitness F80

Sole Fitness F80

The Sole Health and fitness F80 is similar to the F85. They’re both sophisticated machines, which are particularly suitable for running. Nonetheless, generally, the F85 has even much better attributes than the F80.

For example, the F80 has a 3.5 Continuous Equine Power motor rather than a 4.0 CHP motor. Additionally, it has a weight limit of 375 extra pounds instead of 400 extra pounds as well as a 7.5″ LCD shade present instead of 9″ display.

So there isn’t a great deal of distinction between the F80 as well as the F85. If you aren’t mosting likely to use your treadmill for running, both versions will probably fit your needs.

Nevertheless, if you wish to use your machine for running, currently or in the future, after that I would certainly pick the F85 instead. It has little much better features, to make sure that’s why I advise the F85 for runners.

Walkers or joggers most likely will not discover a lot of differences between both makers. So for them, the choice most likely won’t make a great deal of distinction.


It has a reasonably solid 3.5 CHP motor, which is ideal for greater strength exercises. The 22" by 60" belt supplies added space to execute your workout. The F80 has a 15% slope, which you can make use of to vary your exercise.


It has six standard exercise programs. Some individuals could want a device with more pre-programmed workout programs.

8. Horizon Fitness T101

The Perspective T101 designed by Perspective Health and fitness is a durable treadmill appropriate for strolling, running, and running.

With a weight limit of 300 lb as well as a 2.5 CHP electric motor, it is definitely effective sufficient for running. So it may be an excellent option for runners.

What makes this treadmill stick out from the rest is the ‘variable response cushioning’ system. The supporting system consists of 3 separate components;.

A strong component at the back of the belt (push-off zone).
The neutral zone between (change area).
And also, an extra flexible part in the front where your feet lands (impact area).
The variable padding is particularly beneficial for individuals with poor knees or those who believe they could benefit from an additional comfortable walk belt.


The folding system has 2 'hydraulic shocks' which aid you to fold and also unravel the walking belt extra quickly. Variable response cushioning for additional joint security. Easy folding and also unfolding system. This might be helpful for individuals that intend to move the treadmill after they're performed with their workout or want to conserve room.


Appropriate for strolling as well as jogging, however most likely still not effective enough for serious runners. Maybe you aren't one currently, however you might be in the future. Who recognizes?

9. Sole Fitness F63

Sole Fitness F63

If you’re into Sole Treadmills, after that you’ll possibly additionally wish to have a look at the Sole F63.

The F63 might be a better choice if you desire a Sole, however do not need the relatively (overall) higher-end attributes of the f85 and the f80.

It has a 3 CHP electric motor, 20″ by 60″ belt and also a maximum weight limitation of 325 pounds. If you compare the F63 with some of the other versions on the checklist, this is still pretty good. That’s why the F63 is ‘still’ a good choice for runners and joggers.

Moreover, you may need to know about the folding deck. If you’re going to keep your equipment after you’re done with your exercise, the folding deck is particularly handy. The belt has a ‘safety and security lock’ which stops the belt from falling. Safety and security initially!


The reasonably strong 3.0 CHP motor is strong enough for reduced- and higher strength exercises. The slope of 15% makes it easier to vary your exercise regimen. It has a 20" by 60" belt, which is reasonably big.


Similar to a few other Sole Treadmills, this variation has 6 basic workout programs. There could be customers that desire more 'pre-set' programs.

10. Confidence Power Plus

Confidence Power Plus

Self-confidence Power Plus doesn’t have a great deal of whistles and also bells. It might be a great option if you’re searching for a stable maker with a maximum user weight of 250 pound.

With a 600W power motor, a belt of 14″ by 38.5″ it can be made use of for running or running. Although, in my point of view, it’s a better to fit for walking.

According to the Self-confidence brand, this maker is typically converted to a strolling desk. However, they explain the item doesn’t include the components to convert it from a ‘regular’ device to a walking desk. So, you’ll have to convert it yourself.


It's a basic to utilize machine without a lot of features. It can fold, which in mix with the transportation wheels permits you to move/store it.


There's no choice to conserve or input any kind of user info. Some users might want or need more attributes.

11. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400

The SF-T4400 from Sunny Wellness & Physical fitness supports an optimum individual weight of approximately 220 Pounds.
It has a 2.20 Peak HP drive system, a running surface area of 15.75 by 48.82 inches as well as a maximum speed of 9 miles per hour, which suggests it’s fit for running. Although, the size of the belt may be a little bit little for the much more constant joggers, who like to press their limitations.

An interesting feature for users that want to use the device for walking are the 3 incline levels. It has 3 by hand adjustable slope levels of 0 percent, 2 percent, as well as 4.37 percent.

The slope enables you to enhance the intensity of your exercise without enhancing the rate. Raising the level of strength will certainly help you to melt even more calories in a much shorter quantity of time.


The shock absorption system assists to reduce the effect on your joints as well as legs. This is useful for both walkers and joggers. It has a tablet owner. Making use of a tablet computer to view a flick or your preferred TV show may assist to inspire you since it produces an interruption from your exercise. The soft decrease as well as easy folding mechanism enable you to unfold and also fold the belt a lot more quickly. If you desire to conserve some area, this is useful. You can also utilize the transport wheels to move the device when you're done.


The 15.75" by 48.82" belt might be a bit little for customers who intend to utilize it for running. The incline is by hand flexible, which implies you'll need to adjust it prior to your workout or take a pause.

What To Search for In A Heavy-Duty Treadmill?

Weight restriction

The most essential thing to check right-away is the optimum weight restriction. Make sure your body weight is lower than the limit.

There’s nothing even worse than spending time researching a particular model just to figure out you exceed the weight capacity. This additionally indicates you’ll need to determine your weight prior to you begin.

If you do not often consider yourself, after that gauging your present weight could challenge you, yet it’s vital to make the ideal decision.


A lot of treadmills have a supporting system. When your feet struck the belt, a great padding system lowers the effect on your body. The padding will generally assist to make you really feel less tiredness and also tear and also decrease the wear on your hips, knees, and also ankle joints. As a result, you lower the risk of getting harmed throughout your workout.

Higher-end treadmills may have a variable padding system, which often tends to provide much more support for your joints. These systems normally contain 3 various components; the back, the middle and the front.

  • The back; consists of tight rubber to create a consistent push-off from the belt.
  • The center; offers a typical quantity of cushioning.
  • The front; is typically the softest component, which lowers the effect of your feet when landing on the belt.

Know the truth that not every treadmill has a (three-part) supporting system; specifically non-motorized treadmills typically don’t have an integrated padding system.
If you’re overweight, after that exercising will usually place even more stress on your joints contrasted to an individual who has a ‘regular’ body weight. To make sure that’s why a good padding system is an extra crucial feature for an overweight person.

The different types of slope.

The slope typically varies from one design to one more. You most likely want to have a look at the portion of incline and also the choice to by hand or immediately alter the incline.

The slope percentages normally varies between 0.5% and 20%. If you intend to avoid knee issues, you may wish to go for a model with an incline greater than 5% due to the fact that a Ball State College research they found no evidence of any kind of benefit on your knees at a slope percentage of 5% or lower. Find out more regarding this below.

The second feature you might wish to look for is an automatic slope. You can go for a hands-on incline, yet this indicates you’ll need to pause your workout prior to you can alter the slope.

So an automatic incline is recommended due to the fact that this enables you to readjust the incline by pressing the slope switch on the console without needing to stop your exercise. Although, in my viewpoint, a hand-operated slope is constantly much better than no incline in any way.

Incline (for stamina & avoidance).

Making use of the slope can be a good way to raise your exercise strength without placing a lot more pressure on your joints. So if you are overweight, the capability to raise the incline isn’t an unneeded deluxe attribute.
According to a research study from the Sphere State University, incline walking can reinforce your leg muscles while placing much less stress on your knees.
During their research study, the individuals strolled at various slopes at the exact same rate for 3-minute ruptureds. They located that the height inner knee kidnapping substantially decreased by walking at various incline levels, except at 5% or reduced.
In addition, the scientists explain that walking at a slope might; reduce discomfort, decrease the growth of osteo arthritis, as well as lower the deterioration of the knee joint. These advantages can benefit older individuals, knee surgery individuals, and obese individuals.

Is a slope on a treadmill great for fat burning as well?

If you’re purely seeking to slim down as fast as feasible, then it isn’t required to get a maker with an incline of greater than 5 percent. However, this doesn’t mean you do not wish to look for a slope at all.

Walking, jogging or running at slope constantly helps to increase the variety of calories you melt during your exercise. During a run, even a small slope of 1 or 2 percent can help you to burn more calories since according to this study it mimics the intensity of outside running.

While the intensity of strolling and also jogging is normally lower than during running, strolling at a slope still assists to melt even more calories. It’s also a beneficial feature to maintain differing your exercises.

Varying your workout is important because when you do the exact same workout whenever over a longer duration, your body will certainly obtain an increasing number of accustomed to it. So to maintain dropping weight, it is necessary to differ your workout. That’s why I advise choosing a design with an incline!

What are the benefits of using a treadmill for heavy individuals?

There are numerous benefits of using a treadmill, specifically if you are obese or obese. Some of the most substantial advantages for heavy as well as overweight individuals are:

  • According to Males’s Health and wellness, a treadmill is the most efficient cardio machine for fat burning. As an example, you’ll shed 17 calories per min on a treadmill contrasted to 13 calories per min on an elliptical machine or 14 calories per minute on a stationary bicycle. Of course, the precise amount of calories melted per minute may vary based upon different factors, like; workout intensity, age, weight and metabolism.
  • It aids you to keep moving, even if you are tired or don’t seem like exercising. The belt maintains rolling under your feet, and also you have little option however to maintain. This is a unique aspect of a treadmill. Generally, you need to start relocating prior to the cardio equipment does. Simply put; a treadmill ‘pressures’ you to keep up. Personally, this is the reason the treadmill is my favorite kind of cardio machine.

How to begin using a treadmill if you’re overweight or overweight?

You may feel a little bit scared concerning beginning your initial workout on your new treadmill. The danger of physical discomfort, mental pain or injury might hold you back from the beginning. The worry of starting is totally normal, specifically if you haven’t exercised for a very long time.

Overweight individuals must unwind initially. Begin with strolling at a sluggish rate which feels comfortable, due to the fact that walking places the least amount of stress on your joints.

If you assume your body can handle it, then you might start your initial week with 10 minutes of walking almost every day of the week, 20 minutes in the 2nd week and half an hour in the 3rd week. Construct it up from there.

One of the most crucial advice I can give you is to always ‘listen to your body’. The 2nd one being; keep your workout routine consistent. ‘Slow as well as stable wins the race’!

Closing referrals

You will have to choose on your own which treadmill suits your requirements. It might be needless to say, yet prior to you decide, constantly check the maximum individual weight first.

If you keep some margin between your weight as well as the optimum customer weight of the treadmill, it’s also far better. This way, you will not push the treadmill to its max.

Please additionally don’t ignore the relevance of a supporting system as well as a slope function. These are necessary functions to search for in a durable treadmill.

I advise the if you’re still uncertain which one you ought to select;

Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra high capacity (for strolling).
NordicTrack T 6.5 S (for strolling, running and running).
The TF1000 is, in my viewpoint, the most effective option for individuals that are obese or obese as well as wish to utilize their equipment for walking. The primary reason why I recommend this model is the fact that it has a solid construction which can hold an optimum of 400 Pound.

If you likewise want to use your equipment for jogging or running and also consider less than 300 Pounds, I would choose the NordicTrack T 6.5 S. It’s a respectable model with more than enough functions to help you reduce weight.

Best of luck with your choice as well as your weight-loss trip. If you have actually got a question concerning sturdy treadmills (or another thing), after that do not hesitate to ask it in the comment area below!

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