Best Smallest (compact) Treadmill For Small Spaces in 2021

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Picking the very best compact treadmill for your needs might be a little bit of a challenge. When space is valuable, you obviously want to opt for a space-saving treadmill, but you probably do not wish to compromise too much on quality.
Poor quality may lead to technical concerns or disappointment.

So that’s why I developed this post to help you make a better decision. I cover everything you need to know about small treadmills and share my top 5 choices. Let’s take a look!

5 Best Compact Treadmills Reviewed

#1. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400

compact treadmill for small spaces

The Sunny Health & Physical Fitness SF-T4400 is a space-saving treadmill suited for strolling, running and ‘recreational’ running.

The folded up dimensions are; 62.2 inches (L) by 26.8 inches (W) by 47.3 inches (H), which is relatively small compared to similar treadmills.

In spite of its small dimension, the SF-T4400 is powerful as well as still comfortable enough for running. It has a 2.2 HP electric motor, a maximum speed of 9 Miles Per Hour and a 48.82 inches (L) by 15.75 inches (W) walk belt. However, these functions most likely won’t be enough for significant joggers.

Furthermore, it’s fairly straightforward to unravel the belt and fold. It has a ‘simple folding device’ as well as a ‘soft-drop system’. The soft-drop system is developed to unfold the belt much more conveniently. It takes little effort to reduce the tread belt because, for the most part, the belt unfolds by itself. This minimizes the chance of harming your floor, although I still suggest utilizing a treadmill mat.

When you additionally want to move the device after your workout, then the transport wheels can be found in helpful. They assist you to move the maker from one place to an additional.


It has a relatively small layout, which serves for apartment or condos and small spaces. The SF-T4400 is especially matched for pedestrians, joggers, as well as entertainment runners. The LCD show is bright which makes it less complicated to read in spaces without a lot of light.


The 3 setting slope needs to be readjusted by hand prior to your exercise, or you'll need to pause your training to lower the slope or increase. The incline percentages of the 3 incline placements are; 0%, 2%, and 4.37%. The SF-T4400 isn't matched for fairly heavy individuals that consider more than 220 Pound since they exceed the optimum weight limitation.

#2. Weslo Cadence G 5.9

Weslo Cadence G 5.9

The Weslo Tempo G 5.9 is small and also relatively fundamental. It is 64.5-inches lengthy as well as 29-inches large and has a space saver layout. This means it’s developed to be small, collapsible as well as conveniently stored.

The 2.25 CHP motor, a maximum speed of 10 MPH as well as a 16- by 50-inch walk belt will possibly be sufficient for many walkers as well as joggers.

However, as a result of the relatively narrow belt, it isn’t particularly fit for severe runners.

The 6 exercise programs are made by a professional personal trainer. Three of those programs specify ‘weight-loss programs’, which are designed to assist you to reduce weight.

The various other 3 exercise programs are ‘intensity training workouts’ which are mainly matched to raise your cardio endurance. So it has a good mix of weight loss programs and also cardio programs.


The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is 64.5-inches lengthy as well as 29-inches large. So it would certainly be an excellent small treadmill for an apartment or small home. It can be utilized for running. Regardless of its fairly small size, the G 5.9 fits enough for running. The exercise programs are specifically designed for weight management and also boosting your physical fitness level which works for a wide variety of customers. It has a space-saving style, which makes it simpler to store as well as fold.


The 16- by 50 inches tread belt may be a bit small for jogging or going for greater speed. The service warranty period is reasonably short. You'll obtain 90-days of guarantee on labor, components and also the electric motor. The two-position incline is a practical feature, but much like on the Sunny Health And Wellness & Physical fitness SF-T4400 the incline needs to be readjusted by hand.

#3. Exerpeutic TF1000

Exerpeutic TF1000

The Exerpeutic TF1000 ‘ultra-high capability stroll to fitness treadmill’ is especially matched for users that intend to use their device for walking.

The TF1000 has a maximum speed of 4 Miles Per Hour, and also you can readjust the rate in increments of 0.1 Miles Per Hour. So you can manage the rate rather specifically.

What makes the TF1000 attract attention from the various other smaller sized treadmills in this post is the 400 Lbs maximum user weight restriction. Exerpeutic ensured the reinforced framework is solid sufficient for much heavier individuals by executing different longevity tests. That’s why it’s an excellent model for heavy people that are seeking a secure and compact device.

Moreover, you’ll get a one year guarantee on the framework, five years of guarantee on the motor, as well as 90 days of guarantee on parts and labor.

Finally, you’re possibly curious about the general dimension of the TF-1000. It is; 51.2″ long, 32″ large and 63″ high. Additionally, it has a folding system and also transportation wheels for relocating.


The TF1000 has a maximum weight limit of 400 Lbs. The sturdy structure is just one of the primary aspects which add to the reasonably high weight restriction. Easy to put together. It is pre-assembled, so after you've taken it out of the product packaging, it probably will not be tough to put together. According to Exerpeutic you only need to attach the exercise computer system. Additional long 18" handlebars with rate control buttons. The handlebars are handy for individuals who need or want to keep something when walking.


The Exerpeutic TF1000 has a maximum speed of 4 Miles Per Hour. So it's only suited for walking or jogging at a reduced rate as well as not for running. The belt is 40 inches long, which may be on the short side for a big person or customers with a longer stride.

#4. Confidence Power Plus

Confidence Power Plus

Confidence Power Plus also is 49 inches long and also 24 inches broad, that makes it relatively compact. This design may be a good option if you have marginal space.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the 38.5 inches long by 14 inches wide walk belt is fairly small too.

The Power And also does not have a lot of attributes which is why the console is rather uncomplicated to make use of. The LED-display on the console shows the following info concerning your present workout; calories, time, range and rate. It also has a red security cable.

In addition, on the console itself, you’ll just discover a couple of buttons. The easy design of the console makes it fairly easy to use, which could make the Power And also an interesting alternative for people that are trying to find a straightforward machine without all of the fancy, more state-of-the-art attributes.

Last but not least, the machine has a maximum speed of 6.2 Miles Per Hr and a 1 Equine Power motor. That’s why the Power Plus is mostly suited for strolling or light jogging.


The maker is pretty small, which makes it reasonably easy to save when you do not utilize it. It has 12 integrated health and fitness programs as well as a three placement incline to differ your training. The majority of users will possibly find the walking belt still wide sufficient for running. According to Confidence Power, there are a lot of customers who have converted it into a strolling deck. It's important to note that the parts are not included.


Because of the maximum speed of 6.2 Miles Per Hr, it isn't suited for running. No tablet computer, cup or publication owner. Some individuals could discover the 38.5" long by 14" wide tread belt is as well small. Obviously, this additionally relies on your length, workout and weight intensity.

#5. Weslo Cadence R 5.2

Weslo Cadence R 5.2

The Weslo Cadence R 5.2 might be an excellent selection if you’re looking for a space saving design which you can use for running.

The R 5.2 has a 50″ (L) by 16″ (W) tread belt. The constructed dimensions; are 64.50″ in size by 29″ in size and 55.50″ in height. So the belt is rather large, while the set up dimensions are still fairly small.

Additionally, the 2.5 CHP electric motor, comfort cell padding and also 16- by 50-inch belt make the R 5.2 fit for walking, running as well as running. The 2.5 Continuous HorsePower Impulse max motor is solid enough for running.

So, particularly runners who are trying to find a compact style without giving up too much on the specs may wish to have a look at this version.


The R 5.2 is durable and comfortable enough for running. It has a 2.5 HP motor as well as comfort cell cushioning to minimize the influence on your joints while running. The tread belt is 50- by 16-inches, which is fairly huge for a smaller sized treadmill. It has a 'SpaceSaver layout', which means its specifically developed to save as much space as possible.


90 days of warranty on parts, labor as well as the drive motor. Some people might want a longer service warranty period. The two-position incline has to be changed manually. Much less suited for regular, high-intensity runs.

What To Search for In A Compact Treadmill?

Compact build

Undoubtedly, you will want a compact to develop. However, the dimensions of treadmills differ a whole lot. So it is necessary to examine the specific dimensions. Do not make the error to base your choice on an image. The model you’re perhaps about to pick may look small on an image, once it is completely put together, you may discover that in reality its a whole lot larger than you expected.

The smallest treadmills normally start at around 45-inches in size and 30-inches in width. Large treadmills can go up to concerning 85-inches in length as well as 40-inches in size. Of course, you might discover a maker which is also smaller sized or larger; there are constantly exceptions.

Before you start looking, I recommend you to determine the room you want. Also, keep in mind that you’ll require to keep some open space behind the treadmill as well as on the sides.

You’ll always need some extra space to step on as well as off the treadmill securely. The open space is likewise needed to lower the risk of injuries in the regrettable situation of a mistake.

There’s some debate going on about how much clearance you’ll require on the sides. According to the ASTM, the American Culture for Screening as well as Materials the minimal clearance is 78 inches behind and 19.7 inches on each side of the treadmill.

For instance, if you would certainly choose a device with a size of 65-inches as well as a width of 30-inches this would mean that the complete amount of needed vacuum would certainly be as complies with:

DetailsRequired space
Treadmill 65" x 30" (L x W)
Clearance sides 20"
Clearance behind 78"
Total required space 143" x 70" (L x W)

As you can see in the example above, you would certainly need at least 143-inches of free space in size and 70 inches of space in width. I highly advise following the guidelines from the ASTM. If you can develop a lot more vacuum, after that, great! Much better be safe than sorry.

The size of the belt

Smaller sized treadmills normally have smaller belts than bigger treadmills. Most of the time, the following uses; the larger the treadmill, the bigger the walking belt. The dimension of the tread belt is very important, particularly if you intend to use it for jogging or running.

Generally, the dimension of step belts generally begins at around 13 inches in width as well as 40 inches in size as well as an increase to regarding 22-inches in size and also 60-inch inches length.

You may locate treadmills with (smaller or) bigger belts, however they are normally taken into consideration large( r) treadmills. So these might not be an excellent selection.

Selecting the right step belt size mostly relies on how you are going to utilize the machine. If you want to utilize it for major operating, after that I advise choosing a model that contends the very least a 20-inches broad and 54-inches lengthy belt. Many pedestrians will need a minimum of a 16 inch wide as well as 48-inch lengthy belt. Naturally, this might vary relying on your training, weight and height strength.


A small foldable treadmill is possibly a great selection if you care about space. Folding your belt after you complete your training is a great way to save as much space as feasible. Some compact treadmills are so small that they fit under a bed. The good news is, most reduced to mid-level treadmills are foldable. Higher-end treadmills often tend to be unfoldable since they’re bigger and much heavier.

In addition, you could wish to keep in mind that foldable treadmills usually have a tendency to be lighter than non-foldable treadmills, due to the fact that you still require to be able to fold up the belt. This generally puts on serious joggers who need a secure and also heavy equipment for their high-intensity runs.

Most of the time, the larger the treadmill, the much less it will certainly jump when running. To make sure that’s why the weight is something to take into account when you’re a runner.

Some of the collapsible compact treadmills even come with ‘fold assist’. Most of the time, the fold help is a hydraulic system that helps you to fold up the belt more quickly. Naturally, you’ll still need to be able to do some training, but the folding system does the majority of the hefty training for you.

You could also find a treadmill that has a totally automatic folding system. A semi- or fully automatic hydraulic folding system might be helpful if you can not raise a great deal of weight or if you consider yourself a senior.

Transport wheels

An additional feature you may wish to search for are transport wheels. Tires help you move a treadmill from one area to an additional. This can be very helpful for keeping your treadmill at your preferred storage place.

Don’t fail to remember that when you wish to move your treadmill, it could require to experience an entrance. If that’s the case, after that it’s important to determine the width of your door as well as compare it to the foldable dimensions.

best compact treadmills for small spaces

What are the drawbacks as well as advantages?

You could wish to take into consideration a few of the following benefits and drawbacks regarding smaller sized treadmills. They might not use in all situations, yet they are very important to be knowledgeable about however.


  • The fully put together measurements are usually smaller sized, which makes them in shape easier into smaller sized spaces.
  • Most of them are foldable. This is likewise beneficial as an useful feature to conserve space.
  • If you go for a model with transport wheels, you can move as well as keep it.
  • They’re usually relatively light-weight, which makes them easier to move.


  • The manufacturer might choose to ‘sacrifice’ on attributes to maintain it small.
  • They tend to be relatively lightweight as well as are for that reason much less fit for greater strength runs. High-intensity runners generally require a more stable machine, since they have a tendency to place more stress on the belt.

Final thought

I want to pick one clear victor, yet it wouldn’t be fair to select only one champion. Since the models differ a lot. Plus, it mostly relies on your individual needs. So I have actually selected two models of which I assume are the champions. One version for strolling and one for joggers as well as runners.

If I needed to select one design particularly fit for strolling, then it would certainly be the: Self-confidence Power Plus Motorized Electric Treadmill.

The Confidence Power And also is a stable treadmill with a maximum weight restriction of 250 Pounds. Among the main reason, I selected this design is the simplicity of the device. It simply does with it’s produced, which is supplying a great strolling experience. Be aware of the fact that the maximum speed of this design is 6.2 Miles Per Hr.

If you wish to use your treadmill for running or running, after that I suggest the: Sunny Health & Physical Fitness SF-T4400.

It has a 2.2 Top HP motor, 9 integrated exercise programs and also a maximum speed of 10 Miles Per Hour. You can tell that Sunny Wellness & Physical fitness attempted to make the SF-T4400 as compact as possible without giving up excessive on functions a lot more higher-end devices supply.

I assume they were successful quite well! That’s why I recommend this treadmill for joggers as well as runners that are seeking a space saving model.

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