Fitness Reality E5500XL Review 2021

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When it comes to worth and efficiency at a very sensible cost, this design is certainly a standout in what can be a really crowded field. The Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer delivers excellent features at a portion of the expense of its more expensive competitors.

At this rate point, you will not discover an integrated tv or Bluetooth connection, but many individuals merely do not require the types of bells and whistles that can quickly drive up rates.

Fitness Reality E5500XL evaluation will dive into the item features that matter, including design and performance, features, and design. We’ll also include contrasts to other models in the exact same price range to see how it stacks up to some costlier options, and address some frequently asked questions about this popular unit.

An overview of the features of fitness reality e5500xl


Like most various other ellipticals this design relies on a flywheel system (particularly two flywheels) to provide its running motion and also magnets to control how hard it is for you to move the pedals (the resistance). Using magnets to regulate the resistance is really discovered in countless sorts of exercise tools, consisting of premium elliptical models.

The two flywheel configuration, or dual transmission system, can provide some advantages over other ellipticals that make use of a single flywheel. Particularly, the twin transmission on the E5500XL:

  • It offers faster momentum (even more calories burned).
  • It offers a smoother stride (much less fatigue).
  • Minimizes the general dimension of the device (less complicated to shop).

The use of two flywheels likewise shortens the range in between the ideal and left pedals of the elliptical. Due to the fact that your legs aren’t spread far apart while keeping your strides, you inner upper legs will certainly be put under less pressure as well as you’ll be able to preserve a more traditional running position.

Capability, Features and Layout.

At its relatively small cost factor, this elliptical does not have all the extra features of the most costly models on the marketplace but does not skimp on the ones you require to have an enjoyable as well as efficient exercise.

Also at a very budget-friendly rate, this version provides durable dual-action handlebars. This attribute is commonly excluded in the lower rate varieties and is a fantastic means to at the same time build upper body strength as well as endurance while enjoying the aerobic benefits of an elliptical workout.

The stride length for this elliptical is 18 inches. Stride size is the distance between the pedals in their most ahead and also most backward settings. The stride size on the EX5500XL is suitable for the majority of individuals to perform a full series of motion, though the tallest customers might wish to look at something with a 20 inch or higher stride.

Electronic devices as well as Controls.

Its 24 degrees of adjustable resistance provide ample opportunity to totally personalize your exercise. With this much flexibility you can start with a simple warm up, develop to a difficult plateau or interval collection, and afterwards cool down gradually to lower the danger of exhaustion and discomfort.

In fact, the digital control board comes pre-programmed with 21 different regimens. If you utilize the elliptical 3 times a week you might go practically two months without repeating a single one, that means.

The controls provide a number of various other attributes as well. You can check your speed as well as the task by:

  • Speed.
  • Time.
  • Distance.
  • RPMs (Rotations Per Min).
  • Calories Melted.
  • Watts (Energy).

Likewise, the electronic devices sustain setting goals for time, range and calories shed.

Ultimately, sensors in the handholds of the E5500XL properly track your pulse as you work out. When you require to speed up your RPMs or crank up the resistance, this attribute assists you get right into your target heart rate zone by allowing you know specifically.


While this elliptical does not have a built-in television like some versions down at the fitness center, it does have a built-in shelf that will accommodate a tablet computer or mobile phone. The mount is close sufficient to the customer that a collection of wired headphones will be equally as useful as a Bluetooth version.

There is also a water bottle mount on the model’s facility article. While it’s billed as a beverage holder, it’s perfectly suitable to hold your set of secrets and even huge sufficient to hold a little towel.

Mobility and also Storage space.

Contrasted to numerous other elliptical models the E5500XL is on the portable side and also fairly very easy to shop and move. At approximately 2 feet broad and also 5 feet long this elliptical can be stored in a walk-in storage room and also fits comfortably in the edge of a room. Likewise, at about 90 pounds as well as showing off integrated wheels, this model is easy for a bachelor to conveniently move.

Comparisons To Other Ellipticals

Compared to various other elliptical machines in its price range the E5500XL runs with the most effective of them, but what are some other options if you would love to spend a little much more or spend a little less? We’ve picked two other designs, the Sunny Health And Wellness & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical Bike at the reduced end, and the ProForm Pro 16.9 Elliptical Trainer on the more costly side to offer you contrast and also contrast.

$ /

Sunny Health SF-E905

  • Analog Resistance
  • 8 Resistance Levels
  • 11 in. Stride

$$$ /

Fitness Reality E 5500 XL

  • 270 Lb Capacity
  • Electronic Controls
  • 24 Resistance Levels

$$$$ /

ProForm Pro 16.9

  • 375 Lb Capacity
  • Full Touch Screen
  • 35 Workout Apps

Resistance Controls:

One of the greatest differentiators among the three versions is the control set. The extra expensive ProForm Pro 16.9 has one of the most advanced controls and display of the team, featuring a large color touchscreen that you can use to readjust your resistance, slope, etc. as well as comes pre-programmed with 35 exercises. The E5500XL additionally has digital controls, yet discards the expensive touchscreen as well as rather makes use of simple push buttons.

Not surprisingly, the Sunny Health and wellness model has the least excellent controls out of the group. The SF-E905 doesn’t use electronics to manage resistance, instead of depending on a straightforward knob crank that the customer has to manually change.

General Electronic devices:

While all three models do have some sort of computer system to track your exercise, the Sunny Wellness SF-E905 is once more extremely basic. Surprisingly though, this version does consist of manages that you grasp to track your heart price while you workout. The E5500-XL isn’t a radical step up, but you’ll find the extra buttons make it easier to operate as well as the bigger screen is a lot easier to see while exercising.

The ProForm Pro 16.9 absolutely takes the cake below – with even more expense comes extra functions. In addition to the ten inch touchscreen, this design additionally consists of the requisite grasps for checking heart rate as well as likewise consists of a cordless upper body strap for tracking your pulse too. You’ll love this feature if you do not wish to continuously maintain your hands on the grasps or bear in mind to do so intermittently.

Size as well as Capability:

If wishing to keep an elliptical in a tiny area in your home, the Sunny Health And Wellness & Fitness SF-E905 wins out because of its extremely compact size of about 2 1/2 long by 1 1/2 feet wide. The Fitness Reality is almost two times as long while the ProForm includes concerning 25 extra inches on top of that.

Smaller sized ellipticals include two major caveats:

  • Weight Ability
  • Stride Length

The ultra little dimension of the Sunny model limits its weight ability to just 220 pounds. and also compels the extremely small stride length of 11 inches. , if you’re taller than five and a half feet there’s a good opportunity you won’t accomplish a full variety of activity on this elliptical machine.

With their bigger size the Fitness Reality and ProForm designs can sustain 270 pounds as well as 375 pounds specifically. While the E5500XL has a fixed stride size of 18 inches, the ProForm Pro 16.9 has the advantage on stride. It stands apart as the only model of the three to include an adjustable stride size.

The power adjustable stride size on the Pro 16.9 makes it easily adaptable for multiple heights to make sure that each person in your house can get a workout tailored for them.

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